Reflection 1

What attitudes, skills and concepts have I gained from participating in the course so far?

This is a hard question to conceptualize.  I have always considered myself fairly “forward” in my openess and interest in technology.  Technology has always been fairly intuitive for me, and others have relied on me for knowledge and support.  However, this class has made me realize that I have definitely not kept up with “the times”.  Sure, I have been using Facebook for several years, have had a twitter account, and certainly have taken advantage of many aspects of Web 2.0. But this class has opened my eyes up to technology and applications that I did not know existed, or knew was out there, but had not used or explored. This class has introduced me formally to “21st Century Skills”, countless applications, and concepts for using technology both with students, but also ways for more easily accessing information, and being connected to other education professionals.

What have I learned in the course that I will not forget tomorrow?

I have definitely learned that I need to do a better job in the future of keeping up with technology.  Technology is only going to continue to change…that is the only constant we can be guaranteed at this point.  I wouldn’t necessarily say there is one thing I have learned that I will not forget, it is more about the philosophy of how technology can be used in both education and our lives.  At this point in the course, I believe I have gained a greater ability to anaylze and scrutinize potential technologies and web applications as they are reviewed for potential use.

How will I apply what I have learned to my teaching and future learning?

Again, there are both practical and attitudinal applications. I now have the skill of creating a blog and using a wiki. I plan to use these tools for some of the different groups I work with in my job.  I know I need to keep up with the changes in technology-I can do this by either taking in-district course offerings, or take adavantage of sessions at conferences or specific technology related conferences.  I will continue to keep abreast of federal and local initiatives in regards to technology in the schools and professional world, so I can continue to be a part of the solution of ensuring all students are as prepared as they can possibly be for their future.


About marypatk

Student in the Curriculum and Instruction program at Illinois State University. Assistant Director of Special Education, Township High School District 211
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