Reflection 2: I’m a Technology Boot Camp Grad!

What attitudes, skills, and concepts have you learned from participating in the course?

Interestingly, my love for learning about and being considered “cutting edge” in technology has been rejuvenated as a result of this course.  Back in the “day”, I was considered by many to be on the front end of technology.  As I have said in earlier posts, I did not keep up with the changes, particularly when it comes to Web 2.0.  I now have at least beginner level knowledge in many new tools and applications, and I can see myself using many of these tools in both my professional and personal life. 

What have you learned in the course that you will not forget tomorrow?

You can teach an old dog new tricks.   All joking aside, this doctoral program has reminded me how much I enjoy learning, and while it is time consuming and life changing, it is life changing.  This course is another example of effort and hard work resulting in increasing knowledge and skill in an area that I was behind the times. 

How will you apply what you have learned to your teaching and future learning?

As our district is placing more and more emphasis on 21st century skills, I can be a part of the team that is solution and future thinking focused.  I will be able to contribute both theory and practical ideas to support this movement.  I will encourage teachers and other administrators to be comfortable with and use these tools, through my own example of using them myself.

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About marypatk

Student in the Curriculum and Instruction program at Illinois State University. Assistant Director of Special Education, Township High School District 211
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